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Photos:  Francis Sanchez I went shopping in search of a hoe. Perhaps it was suddenly suggested to me by the partisan propaganda which always lays a guilt trip on the will of the majority — yeah, the runaway slaves who … Continue reading

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Huge Hell Whether it Works or Not (For the Poetry of the ’90s)

Photo: Francis Sánchez [In this part of an unedited interview, which I don’t know when it will be published, I respond to the question: “Ciego de Ávila: Love or scorn?”] I have tried to invent the province lovingly, although for … Continue reading

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Salvador, a Seat Occupied in Cuban Literature

Interview of Salvador Bueno (fragment*) I met him in 1998. That year, on October 12, he received the “José Vasconcelos” prize in a ceremony at the National Hotel in Havana. The gold medal, conferred by the Hispanic Affirmation Front (HAF) … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence

One day I discovered that my wife accused me of attempted murder. She based her accusation on a poem she had found among my unpublished scribbles, where I addressed the dream of a just death that could follow a liberating … Continue reading

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The War of the Paladares (Restaurants)

(A Contribution to Travel Literature) That the facilities for obtaining patents for small services trigger a headlong rush among Cubans you already knew. The restrictions on private enterprise, and chronic shortages, plus the deep social (and stomach!) vacuum left by … Continue reading

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What Confusion. What Joy. What Pain.

What confusion. Pablo Milanes, the mythical founder of the Movement for the Nueva Trova (1972), began the second part of his nationwide tour “For Cuba” in the center of the island, only about ten minutes on a bike from my … Continue reading

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Closed for Demolition

[I have decided to publish, before this blog is closed down, some texts that I didn’t publish at the time because it was practically impossible to do it because of obvious difficulties or because as time passed I doubted that it would … Continue reading

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